Will the next Xbox be called just the "Xbox"?

Will the next Xbox be called just the "Xbox"? - OnMSFT.com - November 17, 2012

Next Xbox rumors have been floating the web for sometime now, and today is no different. Xbox World have released information regarding the next Xbox, stating that it will include an TV inputs and outputs, introduce a second version of Kinect and more.

Xbox World also speculate that the next Xbox will just be called "Xbox", with no other name to go with it such as 720. Is this a good move? How will consumers know which ones the latest? We assume Microsoft will do a tonne of advertising like they have done with Windows 8.

This isn't the only information they released, the also claim the Next Xbox will use Blu-Ray discs, have augmented reality, and directional sound, all these details were leaked earlier this year too!

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