Microsoft: Windows Phone is the most personal smartphone compared to iPhone and Android

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Not too long ago, my colleague Mark Wilson wrote a post asking Windows Phone users to suggest reasons as to why he should ditch his Android device for Windows Phone. A similar question was asked to Joe Belfiore during his Reddit AMA today asking him what key feature would make someone choose a Windows Phone over an Android or iPhone.

A Reddit user asked: “Of all the things, what do you think is the feature that can make someone choose Windows Phone over other platforms?” This is what he had to say: “Right now, it’s not one feature. It’s the way the whole system is designed and what it’s about. We think WP is the most personal smartphone – and that’s a combo of features, starting with live tiles and now Cortana makes it even more personal. This is kind of a mantra for the team – we’re serious about this. We’re balancing a unique, attractive visual appearance with letting the user customize it a ton. We really want your phone to feel like your “fingerprint” … better than any other phone,” he said. 

Belfiore stressed that Windows Phone is a balance between a unique, attractive visual appearance and the ability to customize. For those of you who own a Windows Phone device, do you feel like it is the most personal smartphone you have ever owned? Why or why not?

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