Photographer Mihai Cristian Andrei used to be an iPhone 6 user, now uses a Lumia 930

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Image Credit: Lumia Conversations

Life is a gamble; sometimes it’s hard to make the right bet. However, I am of the opinion that you always make a safe bet when you pick any Microsoft Lumia over any iPhone. In a recent Lumia Conversation with photographer Mihai Cristian Andrei, he makes his case for the reasons behind his switch from an iPhone 6 to a Lumia 930.

Andrei is a web designer and photographer who needs a phone that can handle his daily demands. After using the market-hyped iPhone 6 for 5 months, Andrei switched to the Lumia 930 with some surprising results. 

“Everyone has a weak spot and mine is smartphones. I’ve been searching for that “one” device to suit my needs for quite some time now and trust me I have a lot on my daily list. As a web designer and photographer, you have to rely on your phone most of the time when it comes to efficiency, productivity, a nd quality. I was using the iPhone 6 as my daily driver for five months when I decided to to switch to a Lumia 930. I knew I was throwing away a very acclaimed product, but I felt that a Windows Phone could actually be better for me and oh boy was I right.”

Andrei has many reasons why he finds the Lumia 930 better than the iPhone 6, here are his top five:

Why photographer Mihai Cristian Andrei switched from an iPhone 6 to a Lumia 930

  • Live tiles home screen – Unified experience, entirely customizable, highlights relevant information, “It’s something that the iPhone could never do.” 
  • A consistent look – As a web designer, Andrei is always keen to the design perspective. He very much enjoys the Windows Phone OS experience as a simple, elegant, and efficient user experience.
  • Cortana – when you need to keep track of a lot of appointments, meetings, and (in Andrei’s case as a photographer) wedding planning. Cortana is a smart companion that can handle all of your needs as an intelligent digital assistant. Cortana is always listening and can remind Andrei of important emails and text messages from clients by adding the relevant details to Andrei’s calendar and remind him of important dates.

“Yet another clever thing about Cortana is its “Notebook” feature, a place that contains notes about me; what I like to do; my family; my favorite places to eat, and so on. Cortana uses this information (if I agree, of course) to give me more accurate results. Aside from that Cortana can sing, tell good jokes, recognize a song for you and tons more cool stuffs. How about that, Siri?”

  • Camera – One of the main reasons Andrei switched to the Lumia 930 is the camera. Andrei is not always able to carry around his DSLR to take the shots he wants on the go. With the Lumia  930, the iPhone’s 8MP camera can’t match the Lumia 930’s powerful 20MP 1/2.5′ sensor, PureView Technology with Zeiss lenses and 2x optical zoom, plus optical image stabilization. Plus, the iPhone is no match for a Lumia 930 in low light situations. The manual camera controls allow you to fix shutter speed, exposure, and ISO however you desire.
  • OneDrive – the ability to have your photos, documents, and another content saved through OneDrive is another reason that the Lumia 930 has the iCloud experience beat. Having the capacity to have all your content at your fingertips and to share it securely is another big plus over the iCloud experience.

Image Credit: Lumia Conversations

For many there are a lot of reasons to ditch the iPhone and head to a Microsoft Lumia, but for Mihai Cristian Andrei, Live Tiles, and intelligent digital assistant and camera quality are among his favorite. What’s yours?

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