WhiteHat Security Labs launches the ‘most secure and most private’ web browser on Windows

WhiteHat Aviator launches the 'most secure and most private' web browser on Windows

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft introduced the latest build of its web browser, Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft has touted Internet Explorer 11 as the first browser to make Internet connections more secure and reliable by reducing the use of vulnerable ciphersuites, such as RC4, and by using the latest security standards, TLS 1.2, by default. Now, WhiteHat Security Labs has built a browser, based on Chromium, touting it as the most secure and most private web browser out there. The name of the browser is WhiteHat Aviator.

“WhiteHat Aviator is the most secure, most private Web browser available anywhere. By default, it provides an easy way to bank, shop, and use social networks while stopping viruses from infecting computers, preventing accounts from being hacked, and blocking advertisers from invisibly spying on every click,” WhiteHat Security Labs stated.

WhiteHat believes that Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox are not secure no matter what new features or enhancements are made to them. “While the browser vendors behind these products have been making steady security and privacy improvements to their products, they haven’t gone nearly far enough to address a number of serious gaps. This will continue to be the case because current mainstream Web browsers are first and foremost inherently designed for usability and advertising delivery. Personal security and privacy have been lesser considerations, and an effective alternative hasn’t been available,” WhiteHat explains.

At first glance, the browser looks just like Google Chrome, except that it automatically disables all advertisements and offers hardened security and privacy settings.  Aviator utilizes DuckDuckGo as the search engine and not Google, which logs your activity, according to WhiteHat. Aviator also integrates a crucial extension called “Disconnect” that blocks advertisements and other tracking related stuff used across the internet.

“Since our founding in 2001, WhiteHat Security’s sole mission has been to help people and companies conduct business on the Web safely and securely. We’ve helped protect hundreds of the largest corporations in the world and received many awards for our groundbreaking work. We are widely recognized as a leader in Internet security. We believe everybody deserves a safe and secure online experience,” WhiteHat adds.

Aviator removes all options to sync/login to Google, as well as limits what the browser sends to Google to protect your privacy. The browser also blocks all plug-ins by default, but you can make exceptions. Aviator also blocks third-party cookies, which helps protect against tracking, login detection, and de-anonymization during the browser session. Best of all, Aviator deletes your web history, cache, cookies, auto-complete, and local storage data upon restart.

Hit the download link below to download Aviator (currently in Beta). You can also head over to the VIA link below to read more about the browser. How do you like it?

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