White Xbox One up for auction thanks to UK based charity organization GamesAid

White Xbox One up for charity auction

With less than 3 weeks until Microsoft’s Xbox One will be released to the general public, it looks like people can bid for a chance to get their hands on the white Xbox One. This rare Xbox One device is only for Microsoft employees who worked on the console.

GamesAid, which is a UK-based charity organization, is the lucky one to get their hands on the white Xbox One. Now you’re probably wondering why they aren’t playing with it. Well, since it’s a charity organization, they have decided to put it up for grabs on eBay, with all the money going towards the organization.

The package includes the white Xbox One, the special edition white controller, the Kinect sensor and the headset. Also, since it will be available for the winning bidder on November 22, and not earlier than that, the winning bidder will be able to get the exclusive Day One Achievement and the special Launch Team Achievement. 

The price tag as of right now is currently £6,700.00, with 66 bids. Bidders will have 2 days and 16 hours left until the bid ends, so why not donate for a good cause? Start bidding with the link provided here! Also, while you’re at it, here’s a video learn more about GamesAid and their work they have done.

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