Wheres my Windows Phone 7 update?


For those of you who own a Windows Phone 7 handset, fear not, a new resource has surfaced that will allow you to track the progress of your handset’s next available update.

As cNet reports, Windows Phone 7 users are now able to see basic information on when their devices with receive their next update. The website showcases six available Windows Phone 7 handsets (United States) and its software update status.

There are three phases to the software updates. In Testing, Scheduling, and Delivery. When the software update is in the testing phase, the update is undergoing “mobile operator network and quality tests.” After it passes that phase, it moves on to the scheduling phase where Microsoft decides what day is best to launch the update. From what Microsoft says, the scheduling can take up to 10 days. Once the software update has been given a launch date, it gets delivered to you. It might take several weeks before you receive an alert that the update is available for you.

The website timetable is updated weekly to provide you with an idea on the software update’s status.

You can visit the website here.