WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with new emojis, lower data usage for WhatsApp call and more

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WhatsApp for Windows Phone has picked up an update, introducing a handful of new features and enhancements. With the latest update, users now get the ability to select multiple messages from the app and forward/delete them. Furthermore, the developer has introduced a new low data usage toggle to limit the data used on WhatsApp calls. Users can now choose a ringtone for WhatsApp calls as well.
Here's the complete change log for the latest update:

  • Mark chats as read or unread
  • Several new emoji! You can also tap and hold on some emoji to choose a different color.
  • Select multiple messages to forward or delete them
  • Contact cards allow you to quickly message or save a contact if he or she uses WhatsApp
  • Lower your data usage during WhatsApp calls
  • Enable or disable sound and vibration for in-app notifications
  • Choose a ringtone for WhatsApp calls

Head over to the Windows Phone Store using the link below and update the app.

Developer: ‪WhatsApp Inc.‬
Price: unknown

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