WhatsApp for Windows Phone returns to the Windows Phone Store with new features

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Not an hour ago, Microsoft stated that they were working closely with WhatsApp on a fix for a bug which caused the app to incorrectly display notifications of certain versions of Windows Phone. Joe Belfiore on Twitter claimed that the app would return to the store "quite soon". Nobody knew how soon, but apparently soon means within an hour or so because WhatsApp is back in the Windows Phone Store.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone was pulled with no warning from the Windows Phone Store about a week ago. Microsoft nor WhatsApp commented on its removal for some time, which led users to believe that WhatsApp had pulled support for the platform. That was obviously not the case, as Microsoft came out a few days later explaining the current situation.

The app returns with a number of new features too, including chat backgrounds, broadcast lists, custom notification sounds and more.

Today, the app is back in the Windows Phone Store for all users. Meaning those hardcore dedicated Windows Phone users who use WhatsApp can relax, download and begin communicating with loved ones again. Download the app from the download link below, or search for it in the Windows Phone Store.

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Microsoft: WhatsApp for Windows Phone will return "quite soon"

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