WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 to get media autodownload feature soon

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Whatsapp for windows phone 8 to get media autodownload feature soon

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular app on the Windows Phone platform, among other platforms. Recently, the popular service revealed that they have over 400 million monthly active users. So it comes as no surprise that new features and improvements are being made and will soon hit the public build of the app.

According to tweet by @Nawzil8, who has been accurate numerous times, WhatsApp is currently beta testing a "media autodownload" feature which allows you to automatically download audio, video, and image files from messages. Or, you can disable the auto download by default and only have it occur while connected to a WiFi connection.

This is obviously a fantastic feature for those who wish to conserve data usage while utilizing the popular app on Windows Phone. No word yet on when we will see these new features make it into the public build, but we expect it to been soon! Stay tuned!

Just be careful while using WhatsApp, as a woman from Yemen recently accused her husband for neglecting his marital duties by spending too much time using the popular app.

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