WhatsApp mysteriously disappears from Windows Phone Store

WhatsApp mysteriously vanishes from Windows Phone Store

The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has been pulled from the Windows Phone Store. Neither Microsoft nor WhatsApp has issued any statement yet, but if you visit the Windows Phone Store from your mobile device right now, you're not going to find the app anywhere.

While the web version of Windows Phone Store still lists WhatsApp, installation to a phone is not possible; "This app is no longer published", the website warns. At the moment we aren’t sure why the app -- which is so popular on not just the Windows Phone, but across all the platforms -- is not currently in the store, but we believe it has something do with the bugs and lags the app was having on Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview, even after the recent bugs and performance improvements software update.

If you already have WhatsApp installed on your phone, you don’t have to bother about this, as the app should be running fine... just don’t delete it! We are investigating this and will update the post as we receive more information.

Update: It seems the app was pulled so bugs and technical issues can be addressed. The WhatsApp team is working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues and will publish the app in the Windows Phone Store shortly.

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