WhatsApp, Memorate, and Call + SMS Filter updated with improvements and bug fixes

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Call + sms filter

Several applications in the Windows Phone Store received updates, including WhatsApp, Memorate and Nokia's Call + SMS Filter. The updates brings some new features to Memorate along with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to all three apps. 

I don't think WhatsApp requires any introduction, but in case you can't recall, it's the most popular cross-platform messaging service available at the moment. Recently, WhatsApp for Windows Phone received an update, bumping it to version 2.11.350.0, and introduces several bug fixes along with support for Hindi language.

Secondly, Nokia also updated its Call + SMS Filter application that give users the ability to block unwanted calls and SMS. The application works with Lumia applications only. If you're a Nokia user, it's time to head over to the Windows Phone Store as the application is bumped to, and comes with general fixes and improvements. You can also use an application like SysApp Pusher to check for the update.

Lastly, Memorate also received an update to version 1.4. "Memorate is an app for connecting people through their memories. Create a "mem" by choosing and combining a predefined set of starting sentences, media items (videos, songs, pictures), locations and ending sentences. Login to Memorate with Facebook and post your “mems”, and they get shared with your friends automatically," the app description reads.

The latest Memorate updates brings several new features and enhancement, including Facebook integration that allows users to post their "mems" on the biggest social network. Other features includes support for push notifications for important events, use pictures on your Windows Phone handset to create new "mems" and more.

Simply head over to the Windows Phone Store and download the respective application for your device.

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