WhatsApp for Windows Phone voice calling feature reportedly due soon

WhatsApp continues to support Windows Phone with upcoming voice calls

Perhaps WhatsApp developers have some insider information other fleeting Windows Phone app developers don’t have. Maybe Microsoft is paying for the WhatsApp updates to land on the Windows Phone platform. Nevertheless, the updates from the massive international communications platform continue to find their way onto Windows Phone and in some instances, a very timely manner.

In the wake of many developers leaving the Windows Phone platform, the WhatsApp development team continues to push out bug fixes and features updates for the far flanking 3rd place mobile OS. According to an International Business Times report, WhatsApp has more updates scheduled for Windows Phone in the near future.

WhatsApp's voice calling feature has been available on Android devices for some time now. It first launched as an invitation-only ordeal, limiting its use to only Android devices, but it now looks like the WhatsApp developers are aiming to offer this service to non-Android devices starting with iOS and Windows Phone relatively soon.

Image Credit: Windows Phone Store

There are no official dates or even estimates at this point on when the new features will hit the Windows Phone Store, but some speculate it to be soon, as in the coming months. With Windows Phone moving towards universal apps soon, WhatsApp could be battling a more feature rich version of Skype on Windows Phone. Depending, if or how Skype is integrated in Windows 10 for phones, WhatsApp has the advantage of offering most of its sought after features for free. Alongside free video and (soon) free voice calls, WhatsApp’s international appeal to low-end users of the Lumia 520 in developing markets may trump built-in Skype. Earlier this year, WhatsApp reported crossing the 700 million user accounts threshold as well.

Now there is a reality in which the two services compliment each other on Windows Phone. Earlier this year we reported about a possible WhatsApp tie into Skype. A reference to some code in the WhatsApp voice calling update referenced, “Call via Skype.” There hasn’t been any confirmation on this feature just yet, but it is possible WhatsApp could also tie into a built-in Skype experience on Windows Phone as well.

Either way, this development is a win/win for both Microsoft and the WhatsApp team. We’ll keep you posted on the development of WhatsApp's voice calling update for Windows Phone.

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