WhatsApp Beta now allows editing photos before you share them with your friends

The team behind WhatsApp Beta has been working hard recently. After facing criticism for delayed updates to the Windows Phone app, and bringing new features much later than on Android or iOS, WhatsApp is now on its A-game for Windows 10 Mobile devices. The popular messaging service has over a billion monthly active users now.

New features and UX changes that come to WhatsApp Beta slowly trickle down to the public WhatsApp app for broader consumption. With the latest update v2.16.272, WhatsApp Beta now brings image editing and annotating functionality to the photos you share with your friends.

WhatsApp Beta - Image editing

WhatsApp Beta – Image editing

Apart from the existing ability to crop an image, the latest version allows you to add emoticons and text – both typed and handwritten – to an image. You can undo changes one by one, or cancel the operation entirely. Adding text to images is handy for creating those memes for your WhatsApp groups or sharing greetings with a personalized note. While I’m not a big fan of it, but adding emoticons to photos is pretty popular now in the age of Messenger and Snapchat.

Of course, the changes would make their way to the stable version, but if you, like me, can’t wait, go ahead and download Whatsapp Beta from the link below. Let us know what do you think of these new features.

WhatsApp Beta
WhatsApp Beta
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Price: Free
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