What's in store for these Surface Pen and Type Cover short videos?

It's been over a year now since the Surface Pro 4 launched, and many are questioning when Microsoft will update the Surface lineup with new products. While rumors show that Surface Book 2 “isn’t ready yet” for a Spring hardware event, Microsoft's Surface YouTube channel recently pushed out five promotional videos for Surface products, drawing into question if the company could have something in store ahead.

The five videos were uploaded on March 22nd, and the first highlights the features of the Microsoft Surface Pen. The video features extreme close-up shots of the digital inking pen, and highlights that it has best in class features, including multiple tips for drawing and writing.

Given that the third generation Surface Pen highlighted in this video launched over a year ago, one can wonder if Microsoft is planning to do something extra with this video. Perhaps the company is planning to use the product video on web page? Or does the video mean that Microsoft want's to further separate the older generation Surface Pen from a newer pen to come soon (perhaps the Surface and Wacom cross-compatible stylus?)

The second video features the same upbeat soundtrack from the Surface Pen video. It goes into details of the optimal key spacing, faster and quieter typing, the precision glass trackpad, and support for 5 finger multi-touch gestures. Support for fingerprint login, backlit keys, and the ride range of color options also are covered in the video.

Again, this Keyboard launched over a year ago. Perhaps Microsoft is just fixing up a web page or promotional Tweets for the Surface Pro 4 and wanted to have shorts for it, or will these videos have a connection to new hardware announcements?


Third up is this Surface Keyboard video, which features a much different soundtrack. With a much more "pop" soundtrack, the video shows off the aluminum top case of the Surface Keyboard, and the fact that the keyboard is optimized for the best typing performance.

Once more, this accessory recently launched alongside the Surface Studio a few months ago, so could Microsoft be pushing this video so it could also be bundled with the promotional material for a newer Surface device? Or is the Redmond giant just trying to sell its new keyboard?


Similarly, the fourth video highlights the Surface Mouse. While we previously reviewed the device and found that it was a hunk of plastic, the video shows that Microsoft is pushing this mouse as comfortable arc and slope, with a metal scroll wheel, and with exceptional precision. Perhaps the Redmond giant wants folks to consider this mouse for new Surface devices?


Last up is a video the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. This video has the same soundtrack as the Surface Mouse and Surface Keyboard, and highlights the superior ergonomic design, double-cushioned Alcantara palm rest, and quiet touch scissor keys. Just like with the other Surface Mouse and Keyboard accessories, this keyboard recently launched, so Microsoft could just be taking up the chance to advertise the new lineup of accessories, or it could mean more. Let us know your thoughts on these videos in the comments below.

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