What’s the best Black Friday deal you’ve found?


What's the best Black Friday deal you've found?

It is that time of year again. There are great savings to be made in all manner of Black Friday deals — and many of the sales start early! Over the past few days we’ve already told you about some of the special prices in the Microsoft Store, including a Nokia Lumia 520 for an incredible $49 and a 32GB Surface RT for $199.

But these are just some of the deals that you’ll find in store and online — there are hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to be saved. If you’re in the market for a touchscreen laptop but have been put off by the price tag usually attached to such device, now could be the time to jump on board. Amazon has the 14-inch Asus VivoBook S400C for just $479.99.

There are a few places that have special offers on the Xbox 360 — it would be a bit much to expect the new Xbox One to be discounted so soon after release! — which is great for anyone looking for a cheap entry into gaming, or a multi-purpose home entertainment system. But this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many more deals to be found out there.

We’re interested to know what you plan to do this holiday season. Are you planning to track down the best deals in stores or do you prefer to do all of your shopping online? Are you planning to use the sales to stock up on presents for Christmas, or are you going to take this opportunity to treat yourself to a little gift (you know you deserve it!)? Is it just the big name stores that will be getting your custom?

If you’ve found any great deals, feel free to share them below so more people can take advantage of the lower prices.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!