What will happen to both Nokia and Lumia names after Microsoft acquisition?

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Feb 26th, 2014 inNews

The Microsoft and Nokia acquisition deadline is getting closer and closer each day, and consumers still don’t know whether Microsoft will rename the “Lumia” brand to maybe a “Surface” brand or something else — or perhaps just keep the Lumia name. But today’s the day where the Director of Windows Phone was able to shed some light on its plans for Nokia’s handsets after the acquisition, which is supposed to be completed in Q1 2014.

A new report from CNET indicates that Microsoft will keep the Lumia name for ten years. CNET was able to ask Greg Sullivan, Director of Windows Phone, what we can expect after the acquisition for both Microsoft and Nokia at Mobile World Congress.

Sullivan confirms that the company will in fact keep the Lumia brand alive when it’s under Microsoft. But in terms of keeping the Nokia brand name alive, Sullivan refused to shed any light on that topic.

What’s your opinion? Should Microsoft keep both the “Nokia” and “Lumia” name on their phones or just keep “Lumia”? Sounds off in the comment section below!

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