What we wish the Windows 8 desktop explorer would look like

Microsoft, take note. This concept that we’ve found is stunning, in fact, it makes me want to purchase Windows 8 right now. This new concept should be what Windows 8’s desktop explorer actually looks like. It introduces sleek modern designs, while somehow integrating the Window with content. Check it out.

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This concept was found on WinUnleaked, and we fell in love with it immediately after seeing it. This is what Microsoft should be designing, not the current “attempt” at metrofying the desktop. We want it Metrofied, with a sleek clear design, not a lazy attempt at it. If the explorer in Windows 8 looked like this, I’m sure it would change a lot of minds for those who are struggling to make up their mind on whether they like the OS. For me, an explorer like that is a game changer.

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