What tech toy did you find under the tree this year?

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What tech toy did you find under the tree this year?

The last holiday of 2013 is now in the books, the shopping season over. Gifts have been torn open and no doubt what resided in those pretty packages is already in use. Technology has become a big part of the season, with electronic gear being snapped up from retail stores and web sites, deals hunted down by hungry shoppers.

There were many popular products on the market this year, including new offerings from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and others. Now, on the day after, as the food and fun hangover is hopefully abating, we pose a question for you, the faithful readers of WinBeta. What tech gift did you get this year? And, if you received more than one, which was your favorite?

Did you get one of the great new Microsoft devices, such as the Xbox One or Surface 2? Was it a new Windows Phone? Perhaps a copy of Office 2013 or Windows 8.1?

Or did your device come from a different ecosystem? Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are top selling products right now. The Nexus 7 from Google has proven itself a solid choice, as have several Android phones, such as the Nexus 5 and Moto X. No doubt the new iPad Air was on a number of lists this holiday season.

Of course, there are many other tech products as well – USB thumb drives, digital cameras, headphones and set-top boxes like Roku are all solid gift choices. The fact is, it has become rather tough to choose these days.

What did you ask for and receive? Let us know in the comments below and also mention your early impressions of it.

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