What aspects of Windows 8.1 are you thankful for, and what needs to be improved?

What aspects of Windows 8.1 are you thankful for -- and what needs to be improved?

Today is Thanksgiving  and, as well as being a time to get together with family (and probably eat a little too much), it’s a time to reflect on what has happened in the past year and be thankful for blessings large and small. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that technology features very highly in your life, and it’s probable you spend a good proportion of your time using Windows. We’d like to know what aspects of Windows you’re most thankful for.

Over the years Microsoft’s operating system has undergone some major changes, and users have benefited from a wide range of innovative new features and options. After Windows XP, Windows 8 was represented a shift in focus for Microsoft. This was not a minor upgrade from Windows 7, it was something major.

But it wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

Despite all of the amazing new features and improvements, the loss of the Start button after more than a decade of use was just too much for many people to cope with. Microsoft listened to its customers and made some major changes in Windows 8.1. Looked at in terms of version numbers, Windows 8.1 could have been a small release, but in reality it transformed Windows 8 into what it should have been from the moment it was released.

We’d love to know what parts of Windows 8.1 you are most thankful for. Are you one of the users who celebrated the return of the Start button? Do you love the fact that there are two completely different sides to Windows 8.1 in the form of desktop and modern modes? Do you like the fact that the Store provides a handy central repository for downloading apps, or are you happy about the touch-friendly nature of the operating system as a Surface owner?

While we’re interested to learn which aspects of Windows you are most thankful for, it’s a good time to look at the areas that you feel could be improved. Post your gripes below and let us know your suggestions for how Windows could be improved — but don’t forget to share the good bits too!

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