WhartonBrooks still teasing new Windows Phone, tweets cellular band info

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Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has repeatedly talked up the company’s trust in partnering OEM’s ability to carry the Windows 10 Mobile mantel.

However, until recently, Microsoft’s mobile mantel has all but been left barren by OEM’s chasing after the lucrative Android ecosystem while simultaneously ignoring Windows 10 Mobile development. Until recently, Nadella’s trust in partnering OEM’s seemed to have been misplaced, but as the month’s pass by, more and more phone manufacturers are coming up with their own interpretations of a what the future of Windows 10 Mobile will become.

Joining the Windows 10 Mobile OEM partner fray is WhartonBrooks and Cerulean Mobile is solidifying the company’s intentions to deliver its own Windows phone by announcing the cellular bands that will accompany the device.

Based on the Twitter announcement, it appears the phone could be supported by US carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile due to their GSM-based networks. As with most Windows phones, the WhartonBrooks phone looks like it will bypass Verizon like most other offerings.

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