WhartonBrooks to talk about its Windows 10 Mobile device journey on September 10

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Microsoft may still be under the cloak and dagger guise of developing the long theorized super phone with Surface branding, but its partners appear more than excited to put their hat in the ring for most innovative Windows 10 Mobile handset. Long time Microsoft partner HP, for example, has already developed and is currently shipping its most innovative handset to date in the Windows 10 Mobile powered Elite x3 sporting both Iris scanner and fingerprint reader alongside custom software enabling the use of virtualized x86 Windows applications.

Now, WhartonBrooks is set to announce their bid for Windows 10 Mobile powered superphone on September 10, 2016. At 11:00 am the West Farms Mall’s Microsoft Store in West Hartford, Connecticut, WhartonBrooks will be holding an event to discuss an upcoming Windows 10 Mobile device.

UPDATE: We were incorrect in reporting WhartonBrooks’ meet and greet announcement. The company has clarified that its Microsoft Store event at the West Farms Mall is simply a meet and greet intended for customers and WhartonBrooks employees to communicate openly about “windows mobile phones”. There will be no unveiling of a Windows 10 Mobile device at the event.

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According to Neowin, WhartonBrooks hasn’t revealed the specs of the device but promise that it’s aimed at release to a high-end market and that the company plans to “top Apple’s 2007 launch of the iPhone and Google’s 2008 launch of Android.” More specifically:

…the company made some bold claims as well. It said that “The innovations we are bringing to our devices will be the most disruptive since the advent of the smartphone in 2000.”

Without any specification reveals, WhartonBrooks claims should fall under the “easier said than done” category when comparing its upcoming smartphone release to that of the iconic iPhone reveal and the meteoric rise of Android. While WhartonBrooks may, in fact, release a spec beast powered by Windows 10 Mobile at some point, it has yet to be seen how any manufacturer can account for the spotty app selection currently in existence on the platform.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to hear WhartonBrooks’ take on a Windows 10 Mobile powered device and whether or not we see a growing tendency for partnered OEMs aim at high-end enterprise customers, similar to the recently released HP Elite x3. Let us know in the comments if you think the company will be introducing something truly innovative.

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