Wells Fargo Windows Phone 8.1 app no longer works

Wells Fargo is one of the few companies in the U.S. that has provided relatively consistent support for Windows phones, and so kudos to them. They’ve apparently taken the somewhat less user-friendly step, however, of removing support for their Windows Phone 8.1 app, according to WinBeta tipster Al.

Currently, if the previous Windows Phone app is opened, it complains that it needs upgrading and won’t start. Unfortunately, there’s apparently no Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade available, and the only option is to run the Windows 10 Mobile app–which of course isn’t so much help if you’re running a Windows phone that doesn’t support an upgrade to Microsoft’s current mobile OS.

At this point, it looks like Windows Phone users are stuck. If you’re running a Windows 10 Mobile device, you can download the current app from the link below.

Wells Fargo Windows 10
Wells Fargo Windows 10
Developer: Wells Fargo and Company
Price: unknown
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