Wells Fargo next up to rejoin the party with its upcoming Windows 10 app

Kareem Anderson

Last year many Windows phone owners in the US had to suffer a series of indignities with their preferred platform being abandoned by several large credit unions, banking institutions, and credit card companies. While the removal of the financing apps such as Bank of America, Capital One, Chas, and American Express all felt very personal to Windows phone users, fewer users and security concerns made the hiatus a necessity for the companies.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s plan to bundle Windows phone development into its Universal Windows Platform seems to be enticing financial institutions to reconsider the ecosystem. Over the past few months, several recently departed banks in the US have begun developing or at least considering a Windows 10 app. Today, Wells Fargo informed a customer that the company has development underway for a new Windows 10 app.


Wells Fargo remained a mainstay in the Windows phone ecosystem as others departed, but its app began showing its age as features and design languages of the app didn’t carry over from its original Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 days.

According to a memo sent to a customer, the new app will include:

  • More navigation options
  • Redesigned search and filter to help find transactions
  • An enhanced payment calendar

Windows customers can look forward to using the new app sometime later this month by updating their existing Windows 8.1 app. Before some get their hopes up, the email doesn’t specifically call out Windows 10 Mobile, and there is no guarantee that it will be included in the development.

However, Wells Fargo has, until this point, maintained a Windows phone app and could just as well do the same for Windows 10 Mobile.

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