Welcome to OnMSFT 2020

Kip Kniskern

2020 is going to be a big year for Microsoft. We’re expecting launches for everything from Windows 10X to Surface Neo and Duo to the Xbox Series X, Halo 6, xCloud, and (at least) updated versions of Surface Book 2 and Surface Go. Those are just the things we know are coming, along with that are continuing changes to the Windows Insider program, more insight into where Windows 10X fits in the picture, the continuing saga of Microsoft and Amazon and the US Department of Defense’s JEDI contract, and lots lots more.

Here at OnMSFT, we’re making some changes, too. Today, we’re introducing a new WordPress theme, one we call OnMSFT 2020. Although this isn’t a Fluent Design site, but we’re using elements of Microsoft’s MS Fabric Core, including iconography, color palettes, and “depth” using shadow boxes. We’re also making better use of the Bootstrap 4 UI framework, and continuing to clean up code that’s been around for years. If you’re interested, you can read a bit more about what we use here at OnMSFT. Yes, we try to “eat the dogfood,” and we’re hosted on Azure, use Office 365 for Teams, Planner, email and more, and now we’re sprinkling a bit of Fluent Design onto WordPress.

The site uses responsive design to meet the needs of devices from small to large, and it should work well on everything from IE 11 on up. Our dark theme respects your browser settings, and “just works” depending on how you’ve configured Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Bootstrap allows us to change how the site looks depending on your device, and we’ve tried to keep the news front and center across the full spectrum. We’re also working to remain compliant both in the European Union and in California, you can check out our privacy page for details.

This new theme will allow us to better highlight the important developments happening across Microsoft throughout the year, and we’ve made the site more modular and easier to change elements like the home page to better bring you the news of the day. We’re sure there will be bugs to work out, feel free to contact us if you’re having issues.

We’re excited for Microsoft 2020, and hope you are too.