Welcome to the new WinBeta.org, now more responsive and faster than before

It’s that time again folks. Time for an updated website with an updated design. Introducing our new design which features a more responsive layout as well as faster load times. There are tons of new features under the hood too. Best of all, we are launching this new design as a BETA and we want your feedback! Consider this a Public Beta launch of our new design!

  • The site features a more responsive layout ranging from PC resolutions of 1600×1200+, down to tablet resolutions, all the way down to smartphone resolutions.
  • We now have a better Featured Stories area which features a jquery slider rather than the three static boxes we were using in the past. This is also responsive.
  • We have removed the user login/registration part of the site and are now exclusively focusing on discussions generated via news content. Our focus will be on news content and news discussions. We saw that having a user registration aspect of the site to be redundant when it was not needed to post a comment. Disqus takes care of that instead.
  • We have added a Twitter/Facebook share button to each story on the frontpage to make it easier to view how many times the story has been shared, as well as make it easy for you to share a story without having to view it first. We designed this to be as non-distracting as possible.
  • Our new design uses no images to render the framework, but rather HTML and CSS. In fact, the site only uses a couple of images to render the site (not including the news logos and featured story image)
  • There are many other tweaks across the site and we hope you like them

Please post your feedback as well as bug reports in the comments below. We want to hear from you and make changes to this design based on what you suggest. Again, this design is in PUBLIC BETA phase and we will make any changes and updates as you tell us!

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