Weightify for Windows 8.1 lets users track their weight and set goals

Weightify for Windows

Gaining weight is easy, but loosing it is one of the most difficult things to do. It requires hard work and a lot of dedication to abstain from many delicious things, along with a healthy lifestyle. If you’re having troubles tracking your weight loss goals, take a look at Weightify for Windows 8.

Weightify is a pretty simple application that lets users track their weight regularly on their computer and track the progress. The application also give users the ability to set your desired goals by inputting details such as your current weight, desired weight, and the time frame in which you want to achieve your goal. 

After that, it’s pretty simple, all you need to do is weigh yourself daily, and see how your body mass index (BMI) decrease, provided that your motivation level is high and you’re following a strict diet and exercise plan issued by your trainer or physician. After entering daily information in the goals, it also shows how much you have achieved in terms of percentage.

“Weightify is a weight tracking application. If you need, or if you think you need to lose weight, Weightify is the app you need to have. It never been so easy to track your weight in a daily basis on Windows 8. Set a goal, weigh yourself every day and see your BMI decrease day after day. Weightify was designed to be the easiest possible to use, have fun,” the app description reads.

Here’s a complete list of features of Weightify:

  • Set a goal to stay motivated
  • Weigh every day with ease
  • View your BMI instantly
  • Analyze your weight loss in the last 7 days

If this sounds interesting to you, head over to the Windows Store and download the application. It’s free.

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