Web Filtering Company Bloxx and Microdasys Conclude OEM Agreement for SSL Filtering

Addition of Microdasys SCIP Provides Enhanced Security and Dynamic Real-Time Categorisation of Secure Web Traffic

Bloxx, the innovator in Web and Email content filtering, and Microdasys today announced that the two companies have concluded an OEM agreement to incorporate Microdasys SCIP into Bloxx Web Filtering appliances. The addition of SCIP provides enhanced protection against SSL threats and delivers the industry’s first Web filter that provides dynamic real-time Web content analysis and categorisation of encrypted Web traffic.

“The rapid adoption of cloud-based services and the push to Always-On SSL fuel the exponential growth of encrypted traffic in enterprise networks,” said Leif Ringard, Director Business Development at Microdasys. “At the same time, SSL encryption continues to be the weapon of choice for hackers and botnet owners to penetrate corporate networks and steal confidential data without detection. For company insiders, SSL provides the means to easily circumvent enterprise security policies and devices. Integrating SSL scanning with the powerful Bloxx Web Filter was a natural choice that provides corporations with the most comprehensive content security solution available,” added Ringard.

High risk targets include government agencies, financial institutions and the high tech industry according to Microdasys. Both companies continue to monitor global trends and form strategic partnerships to counter emerging threats.

“The addition of Microdasys SCIP to our Web Filter provides customers with enhanced security and protection against emerging SSL threats in addition to delivering the only available Web filter that can dynamically analyse and categorise Web pages delivered over SSL at the point of request,” said Eamonn Doyle, Bloxx Chief Executive Officer.

“We selected Microdasys based on their proven track record of successfully delivering OEM technology and their extensive knowledge of SSL security,” added Doyle.

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