Weather Flow app gets removed from Windows Phone Store, no longer profitable

Weather Flow app gets removed from Windows Phone Store

Weather Flow, a popular Windows Phone weather app, was pulled from the Windows Phone Store. I thought Weather Flow had a great user interface, along with other great features, so I was puzzled as to why it was no longer present in the Windows Phone Store. 

According to Windows Central, Weather Flow’s creator Gergely Orosz explained why the app was removed. Orosz notes that it is due to his weather provider, Weather Underground, increasing its fees, and Weather Flow was no longer a profitable Windows Phone app:

“My weather provider – Weather Underground – hiked their prices to a level where the app started making a significant loss that I couldn’t fund after a while. Their weather data is expensive – $1,500 / month and the app was bringing in significantly less revenue then this, the last month it was $500, with the purchases also starting to go down. After a while the difference got too much to keep paying out of pocket without much hope of breaking even (not making a loss) again. Unfortunately weather data is expensive with lots of hits per day (Weather Flow was making almost 1M requests/day due to live tile updates) and I can’t see a cheap or free, but decent alternative data source.”

This news is too bad for those of us who didn’t get a chance to download Weather Flow. I think Weather Flow was a great weather app and I am sad to see Weather Flow disappear just like so many other great Windows Phone apps. Hopefully, Weather Flow will find a way to make it back to the Windows Phone Store. However, it looks like Weather Flow is the latest in a string of Windows Phone apps to bite the dust. 

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