WE ARE DOOMED now available on Xbox One

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WE ARE DOOMED now available on Xbox One

WE ARE DOOMED is twin-stick shooter that has you shooting different-shaped enemies from polygons to squares and triangles into obliteration with your ridiculously giant laser beam, the SUPERBEAM. SUPERBEAM can destroy everything in sight in an instant. WE ARE DOOMED is a crazy symphony of color, light, and geometry. 

WE ARE DOOMED has some great electronica music to complement the crazy gaming experience. I did enjoy the game’s soundtrack quite a bit. It’s electronic at a relaxing pace while you mindlessly destroy enemies with your SUPERBEAM for hours on end. The music is one thing I really liked about WE ARE DOOMED.

WE ARE DOOMED has two modes, Wave mode and Endless mode. Wave mode has you fight through 30 waves that range from super easy to super impossible. Endless mode allows you to see how many waves you can survive. Overall, WE ARE DOOMED is a fun game to just play around with, but I soon found myself beginning to get bored as the gameplay seemed to be repetitive after a while.

Here is a short gameplay video of WE ARE DOOMED to see if the game is something you might like.

So, decide for yourself and pick up WE ARE DOOMED for Xbox One for only $9.99 in the download link below.

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