Watch teams compete for $2.5 million prize pool in Halo World Championships on Twitch this week

Kareem Anderson

As eSports continue to gain in attendance and popularity, the gaming industry is taking every opportunity to make the competition as readily available as possible. Leveraging an arguably established presence in competitive gameplay with Halo, the eSports landscape will be on showcase this week during the Halo World Championship 2016.

With a prize pool of $2.5 million, competitors from around the world will meet in Hollywood, CA, for a chance to claim top spot as Halo’s ultimate player while lining their pockets with gobs of cash. However, if you’re not among the sixteen highly talented Halo teams competing for the Halo World Championship this year, fret not–you’ll still be able to keep an eye on the tournament from the convenience of your home.

Today, the schedule and viewing lists have been released for the what, when, and where of this year’s Halo World Championship.

To cover all the action at home, the Halo World Championship 2016 will be on or through the Twitch App on Xbox One; the Finals on Sunday will also be broadcast via the Xbox Live Events Interactive app (XLEi), which is downloadable through the Xbox Store.  Here’s a look at the schedule:

  • Friday, March 18: Halo World Championship Playoffs – Day One
  •  9 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT via
  • Saturday, March 19: Halo World Championship Playoffs – Day Two
  • 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. PT via
  • Sunday, March 20: Halo World Championship Finals
  • 4 p.m. PT to 6 p.m. PT via XLEi app on Xbox One and

And for the complete match schedule visit

Aside from the fierce competition being telecasted, viewers will also get a chance to see upcoming content for Halo in a reveal of Warzone Firefight during the finals on Sunday, as well as an opportunity to receive a free Halo World Championship REQ Pack and Halo WC Gamerpic, just for watching.

In celebration of the tournament, anyone who watches the Finals broadcast – starting on Sunday at 4 p.m. PT on their Xbox One (through the Xbox Live Event Interactive app) or Twitch – can get the Halo World Championship REQ Pack for free. This special HaloWC REQ Pack includes the all new Ultra Rare “Challenger” armor set and HaloWC 2016 emblem. Act fast as this is only available until 9 a.m. PT on Mar. 21! Also, as a special thank you to the Halo esports community, Xbox is rolling out a Halo World Championship Xbox One Gamerpic throughout this week for the entire community.”

As if that wasn’t enough, today’s announcement also comes with “more news to come” tag. On Thursday, March 17, 2016, fans will be given more information regarding the competing teams and additional news about the tournament itself. Fans and viewers are encouraged to visit the various Halo-related social media sites to keep up with the latest on the Halo World Championship 2016.