Watch Sunday’s 2nd Presidential debate live on Bing

Kit McDonald

The presidential candidacy is a heated topic across the U.S. With only a month left before Election Day (November 8), the debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump has is reaching its peak. Bing wants to make sure that everyone everywhere has a way to watch the presidential debate live.

For the first debate, Bing similarly made sure that voters could tune into the action and even register to vote with the search engine. The next is coming up on Sunday, October 9 in St. Louis, MO. You can tap into it with Bing’s search where the live coverage will be available for both desktop and mobile. By typing in “presidential debate video” you will be greeted with either CBSN or ABC news coverage to choose from. It’s likely we’ll see the same from Bing for the last 2016 presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19 from Las Vegas, NV.

If you’d like to look more into the ongoing election statistics, you can view polls, schedules, tweets, and news in one glance through Bing as well. Don’t know where a candidate stands on an issue, check out the Bing Political Index.