Watch sports on your Xbox One with the new CBS Sports app

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft’s Xbox One has always been a fairly good place to enjoy real-world sports. From the recently launched FC TV, WWE Network, and NBA Game Time apps to the National Hockey League, NFL on Xbox One apps, and Microsoft’s own Brazil Now app, there’s been a surprisingly good selection of ways to watch, interact with, and stay up to date on a variety of sports.
One more app comes to the console today that offers yet another way for owners to watch their favorite sports, the new CBS Sports app. This new app allows users to watch both on-demand video and live video streams of CBS Sports content with categories ranging from football, baseball, fantasy football, viral videos, and more.
The CBS Sports app is completely free and now available in most regions. Do you like to watch sports on your Xbox One? Which app do you use the most? Let us know how much you use your Xbox One for watching sports down in the comments below.