Watch Nokia's entire keynote and Nokia X announcement during MWC14 (video)

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The Mobile World Congress is now over and if you missed the unveiling of the Nokia X device, powered by a forked version of Android, now is your chance to see the moment. At the event, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was front and center during Nokia Developer Day keynote and announced the Nokia X, X+, XL.

"Welcomed by an excited and upbeat crowd, Stephen Elop kicked off the Nokia Developer Day with a keynote where he recapped Nokia's product announcements and how the Nokia X software platform opens up new opportunities for existing and new developers. He also emphasized that Windows Phone is the fastest growing ecosystem today and that between Nokia X and Lumia families, Nokia is further increasing the market opportunity for developers," the video description reads. You can watch the video below - its roughly one hour long. Thanks for sending this in, Anon!

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