Watch this! Nokia CEO Steven Elop tosses an Apple iPhone to the ground (video)

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 22nd, 2013 inNews

Nokia CEO Steven Elop was recently on a Finnish TV show where he was interviewed about the company’s upcoming products. During the interview, Elop ends up throwing the Apple iPhone to the ground!

During the interview, Steven Elop was asked if Nokia was planning on releasing a product that would allow the interviewer to replace his Apple iPhone. As soon as the iPhone came out to the interviewers hand, Elop “took care” of the situation by taking the iPhone and tossing it to the ground and laughing. Elop promised to replace that phone with a Nokia device, presumably a Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia.

Watch the video below which showcases the iPhone being thrown to the ground. No word if the Apple iPhone survived the “attack” from Elop.

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