Watch Microsoft’s newest 30-second Surface Pro 3 ad ‘Reinvent’ right here

Watch Microosft's newest 30-second Surface Pro 3 ad 'Reinvent' right here

Microsoft has uploaded a new 30-second video advertisement to the company’s official YouTube channel. In the video, Microsoft showcases the Surface Pro 3 and touts several features that help the device replace your laptop.

“How do you reinvent the laptop? Microsoft answers that question with the Surface Pro 3, the ultrathin, ultralight laptop with a pen, touchscreen and a detachable keyboard. The Surface Pro 3. The tablet that can replace your laptop,” the video description reads.

The Surface Pro 3 starts at $799 and the company has been pushing this device to consumers with various ads — including a few which compared the Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air. As of Q4 2014, Microsoft earned $1.1 billion worth of Surface revenue, that’s a 24% increase from the same quarter in 2013. Microsoft noted that revenue was mostly from sales of the Surface Pro 3 and its accessories.

You can watch the 30-second advertisement below.

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