Watch Microsoft talk about Edge Extensions in this video -
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Watch Microsoft talk about Edge Extensions in this video

Extensions have, over time, become a vital part of the browsing experience for many users. Browser extension usage has become so prevalent over the years that some browsers have become platforms unto themselves within different overarching operating system ecosystems.

With that being said, Microsoft’s decision to wipe the slate clean and begin developing Edge, a new, paired-down replacement for its Internet Explorer, has come at the cost of extension use. Rebuilding its web browsing house from the foundation up meant that the Edge team would be running an uphill race in adoption against the likes of Chrome, Firefox and even its brethren in IE, when it came to implementing previously relied upon necessities.

During its second annual Edge Web Summit, Edge program managers Collen Williams, Rory Fairweather and Chee Chen Tong finally addressed building extensions for the browser. In a thirty-two-minute-long discussion, the program managers walk developers through adding experiences via the Edge browser with the long-awaited extension codes and APIs.

The rest of Microsoft’s Edge Web Summit can be viewed in sections on its Channel 9 website for developers interested in the other aspects of Edge such as HTML implementations, Flash, and security or usage details.

Head over to Channel 9 to view the various sessions, demos, and code talk for Microsoft’s newest browser as well as getting an idea of where the web is heading soon.

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