Watch: Microsoft releases Xbox Game Bar video series to help Windows 10 users use it

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Game Bar in Minecraft

Microsoft releases a lot of features for their Windows 10 operating system but many users often don’t know how to use them properly or are even unaware that they exist at all.

A series of YouTube videos that were uploaded to the official Xbox YouTube channel earlier today addresses both concerns by informing Xbox gamers of the existence of the Xbox Game Bar on their computer and showcasing some of its features.

The first video in the series shows how Xbox gamers can use the Xbox Game Bar to find other players.

The second video shows how the Xbox Game Bar can be customized and also shows how Spotify can work within it.

The next video in the series explains how to use the Xbox Game Bar for capturing and sharing gameplay images and footage.

The fourth video showcases some of the Xbox Game Bar’s social features.

The final video is a little… odd and probably isn’t the best representation of the average gamer Microsoft could have shown. The YouTube comments show that it’s getting a generally positive response though.

Do you use Xbox Game Bar on your Windows 10 device? Were you aware that the feature even existed before now? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more Xbox gaming content.