Watch this: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about ‘big data’ in live press event

Watch this: Microsoft CEO Satya Nedella talks about 'big data' in live press event

Microsoft is set to host a live press event at 10AM PST and goal of the event is to encourage businesses to use cloud storage. Much of the talk will center around integration of Windows Azure and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be on stage to speak.

“Data is growing exponentially and it is now possible to discover insights from data in new and unexpected ways – from predicting presidential election results to early disease detection. How can you take advantage of this data? Combine the familiarity of Office with the rich capabilities of SQL Server to help make sense of your data, big and small. Drive your business in real-time, from apps to insights, using all your data, big and small. Learn how to do this and more with the power of SQL Server 2014 combined with the familiarity of Power BI for Office 365. Watch live at 10:00 AM PDT.” Microsoft stated.

This comes just two weeks after Microsoft’s developer-focused Build 2014 conference. Nadella, along with COO Kevin Turner and CVP Quentin Clark, will take the stage in an attempt to woo new customers – with the tagline: Accelerate Your Insights! We’ve embedded the live feed below. Enjoy!

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