Watch live music concerts and documentaries on your Windows 8.1 device with Qello

Watch live music concerts and documentaries on your Windows device with Qello

​If you love live music, you likely already know about Qello. If not, Qello is a leading on-demand streaming service that provides you with full-length HD music concerts and documentaries. You can find all musical genres from Rock, Jazz, Pop to Folk, Indie, and many more in Qello’s library. 

Qello has made its way to the Windows Store and you can try it for free for 7 days on your PC to get unlimited access to the entire Qello collection. After that, if you plan on using the service, it’ll cost you $4.99 a month. Whether you want to watch Guns’n’Roses or Coldplay’s concert in crystal clear voice and high definition video, Qello is the answer. 

Features include: 

  • On Demand: You can choose whatever you want to watch and instantly stream it any time, anywhere.
  • Variety: From Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Indie, Metal, Pop, and so many more, Qello’s ever-expanding collection spans the spectrum of musical genres from the 1920s to today.
  • Qello Documentaries: Go backstage and access countless award-winning music documentaries, including our Classic Albums series that uncovers the creative process of legendary albums.
  • New Releases: Don’t miss out! Download Qello now and get all the new shows – from the stage straight to the app – Qello is always adding amazing new content.
  • Qello TV: Sit back and discover. Watch more than 30 channels of music programming on Qello TV. It’s a festival of non-stop musical genius!

So if you are a music buff and love to see concerts, check out Qello. Hit the download link to snag the app.

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