Watch this! Handmade animated short shows you how tiles have evolved onto your Windows Phone (video)

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Tiles have come a long way, at least according to Microsoft. In a new video, animator Daniela Negrin shows us how tiles have evolved from floors, to roofs, and ultimately to your Windows Phone device! The video is pretty neat so if you have a minute, hit play and check it out!

“From ancient Rome to your fingertips — tiles have come a long way. Animator Daniela Negrin shows us how in this handmade animated short. Take a look at the journey they’ve made, via disco floors and moon landings, finally coming to life on your Windows Phone,” the video description reads.

The video makes mention to how tiles are “only on Windows Phone”, of course we know thats not true. Tiles are also on Windows 8 and Windows RT! But we get the idea, Microsoft. Hit play and check out the video!

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