Watch this! Google reveals new Google Glass UI, expands pre-orders

Want to know what Google Glass looks like from a first person perspective? Well, Google have finally released a video demoing the Google Glass UI in action, and boy its fantastic. It sits in the top right, and will interact with what you say and do. It's truly amazing.


Google Glass will rely on voice, you ask it to do something and it will do it. For example, if you say "glass take a picture", it will take a picture. If you ask glass about the moon, it will tell you about the moon. It's really that simple. You can share content with your friends instantly too, so we assume it will come baked with social networking features.

You can also stream what you see to a Google Hangout for people to watch, so your friends can see what you're seeing in real time. Glass does a lot more, so check out all it's features below!

Google says it's expanding pre-orders for Glass, and that you can take part by telling Google how and why you would use Google Glass. Check out the source link for more details.

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