Watch Bill Gates trick Jimmy Fallon into drinking poop-converted water

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Watch Bill Gates trick Jimmy Fallon into drinking poop-converted water

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Omniprocessor, an efficient sewage processing system that takes waste in on one end, and converts it to pure drinking water and electricity out the other end. The Omniprocessor was funded by Bill Gates to help improve the sanitation conditions in developing nations, particularly countries in Africa. He proved the processing systems ability to convert waste into water by taking a sip of the water on-site.

Gates recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show to talk about his 2015 Gates Annual Letter and the new Omniprocessor, and to prove that the device can really convert poop into drinkable water, the “ultimate taste test” was set up. Two numbered glasses of water were brought on, one was supposedly filled with regular bottled water, and the other with poop-converted water. After a bit of shuffling around, both Gates and Fallon settled on a glass which they proceeded to sip, then gulp down.

After a few moments, Fallon seemed relieved and certain that he picked the glass with the bottled water, only to find out that Gates had rigged the test and filled both glasses with poop water. Although Fallon did admit that it “tasted really good” nonetheless.

We’ve embedded the video from the show above for your viewing pleasure. After that, you read more about the Omniprocessor and how it works here and you can also check out the 2015 Gates Annual Letter here.

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