Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut brings back Fallout nostalgia on Xbox One

Dave W. Shanahan

Wasteland 2 Directors Cut

Wasteland 2 is the sequel to 1988’s Wasteland, and the inspiration behind the now-epic Fallout series. Wasteland was the first-ever RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world and allowed gamers to command individual characters to chose their next move, with each move having consequences.

Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut picks up where the original Wasteland left off with new features, including:

  • Upgraded graphics – Upgraded with the newest Unity 5 game engine, with the best graphics available.
  • Quirks and Perks – new character traits and bonuses, setting each character apart from the rest and providing the gamer with more game options.
  • Precision Strikes – Similar to the Fallout series, you can target specific enemy body parts to inflict maximum carnage and enemy obliteration. New ways to injure and debilitate, and assassinate your enemies.

You will be able to deck out your Ranger squad with best weapons of mass destruction available in this RPG adventure. The level of customization and character advancement that made the original Wasteland such a classic in 1988, comes back in 2015 with all-new ways to choose and deal with the choices you make.
Purchase Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut from the Xbox Games Store ($39.99)