Was Microsoft planning an Intel powered Windows Phone?

Dennis Bednarz

Noted Windows Phone info leaker Evan Blass just tweeted out a picture of a phone, but unlike most phones he leaks, it looks to be running Windows 10 Mobile. What’s even stranger is that, according to Blass, it is powered by a “laptop-class” Intel processor.

The phone is very thin and features a USB-C port which indicates that it’s a modern concept. It doesn’t seem to be a render of an actual phone, but more like a “possible idea” of something that could have happened:


And the question was if it would have “blown our minds” which could mean that this is one of the many faces of the long-awaited Surface Phone. The Surface line exists for the sole purpose to blow people’s minds like it did with the Surface Studio. But the name “Surface” is nowhere to be found in Evan’s tweet.

The phone may have never really existed, and the images may just have been some concepts that got passed around the company, but it’s still very interesting to see that Microsoft was indeed thinking about a true Intel processor inside a phone. As the mobile Intel Atom processors have been cancelled, a lot of people lost hope for an x86 Windows Phone, but as Evan suggests a full “laptop-class processor inside the device, all hope may not be lost.

As stated earlier, there is no evidence that this is a product going under the name “Surface” or that it is from Microsoft at all, but we can all hope, and we can all speculate. Most of us would, of course, love to see a phone made by Panos Panay’s team

We really hope that these concepts will materialise one day, and if they do, we will be here to cover everything.

Update: Looks like Evan has more details up his sleeve. See tweet below.