Was Google behind Microsoft's recent $731 million fine by the European Commission?


Microsoft recently admitted that the company would not be cancelling its Scroogled advertising campaign against Google. On top of that, the software giant was fined by the European Commission for $731 million dollars, thanks to a browser ballot issue. Now, a report indicates that Google might have had a hand in the fine.

Microsoft was fined $731 million by the European Commission for failing to comply with the browser ballot agreement in Europe. In other words, Microsoft was supposed to offer a screen that allowed users to pick which browser they wanted and not be forced to use Internet Explorer.

According to a report from The Financial Times, "several people familiar with the case" confirmed that Microsoft was thrown under the bus regarding the browser ballot mishap to the European Commission. One of the alleged culprits is Google, the same company Microsoft has been slamming with Scroogled advertisements. Google obviously benefits big time by the browser ballot screen, allowing consumers to choose Chrome and not be forced to use Internet Explorer. While this claim is not certain, it only makes perfect sense. Google has not made a comment regarding the fine.

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