Warcraft characters come to life in mixed reality with HoloLens

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Today, Microsoft posted about their experience working with Legendary to bring Warcraft characters to mixed reality with HoloLens. Legendary used quite a bit of technology to bring the Warcraft universe to life in their recent summer blockbuster. In addition to all of their on-screen CGI, it turns out the producers also partnered with Microsoft to create holograms of the CG characters.


In today’s post, storytellers and executives from Legendary speak about the process of taking film’s characters and turning them into mixed reality holograms. The result was fans got to meet Orgrim Doomhammer’s hologram at the Hollywood premiere of the Warcraft movie. You can see an example below of a fan getting to fist-bump Doomhammer.

HoloLens isn’t commercially available yet, and it looks like the Warcraft holograms were created by Legendary for purely in-house promotional purposes. And so, the characters of Warcraft most likely won’t be coming to life in your living room in the immediate future. But Legendary’s partnership with Microsoft does open up possibilities of how mixed reality can connect audiences with their favorite characters.

Maybe someday instead of getting promotional filters on Snapchat you could get promotional mixed reality holograms. Or possibly more immersive and interactive stand-alone experiences with your favorite characters and stories. Now that Developer Edition Hololenses are out in the wild, it will be interesting to see what creative uses of holograms they come up with as we get closer to the eventual general release of HoloLens.

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