Want some awesome new Microsoft-themed wallpapers? Check out Wallpaper Hub 2.0

Arif Bacchus

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Swapping out your wallpaper on your Windows 10 PC or even your phone can give your device a new look and feel, and one Windows Insider MVP wants to help you out. About a year after launching WallpaperHub.app, Michael Gillett has just updated the experience, complete with a new design and features.

The full details on the new and improved website are available on Michael Gillett’s Medium blog. There, he explains new elements like the new Logo, for the website, which is a “Fluent” version of the Surface Pro 6 wallpaper. Compared to the original version, Gillett says the new website also has a new home page, which has a full-screen image of the most recently added wallpaper.  Other new features include a carousel of new images added to the website, as well as a list of tags, top collections, creators, and creator list.

Importantly, Michael Gillett has also added a search function to the website and improved the viewing experience when finding wallpapers. You’ll now see options for a Small Grid, Large Grid, and Studio. And, for fans of Fluent design, you’ll see the Acrylic effect, and a new flyout effect when navigating over multiple wallpapers. Even the download button has been improved, to show you the download size that you want.

If you’re a fan of this website, you can support Michael Gillett on his Pateron page. Feel free to check out the new and improved WallpaperHub.app and let ks know which wallpaper you’re sporting by dropping us a comment below.