Want a leather bound Surface Book? Check out these new deluxe covers from Toast

Kareem Anderson

The new HP Folio laptop isn’t going to be the only leather clad device on the market this year. For anyone totting the old or new Surface Book, a company by the name of Toast is offering a premium leather cover for the 2-in-1.

Toast may be recognized for its faux wood skins for Surface devices, other PCs, and MacBooks, but the company is now expanding its device protection and now includes new materials.

Best of all: as our leather covers age, they gradually gather an enviable patina of use – like a favorite wallet or perfectly broken-in boots. They might be one of the only things in life that improve with wear and tear!

Similar to the Surface Book, the new Toast leather covers come with a premium price tag. The new leather covers start at $100.00 USD and cover’s the rear of the Surface Book, but to get full protection, you’ll need to fork over an additional $20.00 to cover the hinge, another $60 to cover the bottom and trackpad. If the price of the new cover is not a hindrance, you can toss another $5 to $30 bucks at Toast to engrave your new leather cover with a custom design or text.