Walk Reminder app for Windows Phone is the perfect little Microsoft Band companion

Walk Reminder app for Microsoft Band keeps you active

A new app has launched for Windows Phone, perfect for owners of the Microsoft Band. It’s called Walk Reminder and it, well, reminds you to go and take a walk. The app uses the Microsoft Band’s sensors to detect if the user has been sitting still for a certain amount of time and creates an alert on the device to encourage a more active lifestyle.

The time between Walk Reminder prompts can be customized by time or degree of inactivity and can also be completely disabled between set times. An interesting addition is the ability to completely disable the alerts during a calendar appointment.

“Walk Reminder is an app that uses the Microsoft Band accessory to remind you to take a walk when you have been sitting down for too long. This is perfect for office workers, or people who like to write or code, or just anyone who wants to get out and walk more but always forgets to,” the app description reads.

Walk Reminder’s value will really depend on how much you’ve been wanting this feature and how urgently you want it. Several other fitness tracking devices already have this feature built in and a lot of current Microsoft Band users have already requested the feature over on the company’s feedback and suggestion site, User Voice. It’s only a matter of time before inactivity prompts are added in a future Microsoft Band update but at US$0.99, Walk Reminder is an affordable alternative while waiting for official functionality to be added.

What features do you think Microsoft Band currently lacks?

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