Wacom introduces new Bamboo Ink pen with Windows Ink in mind

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Wacom today introduced a new Bamboo Ink pen, and it’s designed with Windows Ink in mind. The digital inking pen is now much more refined and is expected to work on plenty of devices when compared to previous iterations (via Windows Central.)

As noted on the product page here, with the new pen, you can press the top button to launch the Windows Ink Workspace to jot down notes and ideas. The pen also has three different type nibs, soft, medium, and firm, for a personalized, authentic on screen feel when writing. There is also pressure sensing, an ergonomic triangular profile, and two side shortcut buttons for customized shortcut functions. There are many devices which are promised to be compatible with the pen, all of which can be seen here once the page has been updated.

You can purchase this pen directly from Wacom, and at Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store here in the US for the price of $80 starting June 1st. If you live in other regions of the world, you should expect to be able to purchase the pen starting in August.

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